Range Rates

Consistently rated as the premiere practice facility in northern Illinois, Pine Meadow offers the complete range of facilities to fine tune all aspects of your game.

On the lower level there are 2 flat surfaced putting greens to sharpen your putting stroke, a chipping green with a green side bunker to practice your sand shots and short chip shots. Plus, we have over 30 grass tee stations for you to practice and 5 target greens to help improve club selection for different distance and shots.

On the upper range we have an 20 grass tee station and 30 mat stations, a practice chipping green and a green side bunker. We also have a putting green located near the first tee that is maintained to the same condition as those out on the course. 

Lessons Rates and Instructors

Monday thru Friday
7 am to 5:00 pm 
Monday thru Sunday
7 am to 5:00 pm
Driving Range Closed
On mornings we are cutting the grass, for routine maintenance the range will be closed. For more information on when those days are, call the clubhouse
Small 30 Balls $  5.00
Medium 50 Balls $  9.00
Large 80 Balls $ 12.00
Jumbo 180 Balls $ 25.00