Permanent Tee Times Dates


The following are the official rules that govern the Permanent Tee Time program at Pine Meadow Golf Club.  It is the responsibility of the group to be aware of and adhere to all of the permanent tee time rules as they are stated below. 

The captain of each group is responsible for keeping their group informed of all pertinent information.



We will gauge Pace of Play based on 9 minute intervals and/or 2 hours for nine holes to determine if your group is on time.


  1. The minimum percentage of rounds completed with acceptable play times is 80%.  Pine Meadow reserves the right to MOVE  the tee times of consistently slow groups at any time during the season.
  2. KEEP PACE times will be available for review every week.  It is the groups responsibility to monitor these records and be aware of their KEEP PACE percentages.


NOTE:   New groups to the Permanent Tee Time Program at Pine Meadow will be placed on a 4 week probationary period, during which time they will need to fall into the Keep Pace guidelines as stated above. 




  1. Each permanent tee time group guarantees a full foursome green fee( $80 per player) every week unless the group cancels more than 48 hours in advance. 
  2. Groups are required to remit a deposit of $672.00 at the beginning of the season, or have it on account from the previous year. 
  3. Each player of each group will pay regular green fees each week.
  4. It is the group CAPTAINS responsibility to ensure that all player shorts are paid prior to the following weeks play.  Pine Meadow reserves the right to prohibit groups from playing that regularly fail to maintain their account balance.



We will again be issuing “Player Short Vouchers” when player shorts are paid. These vouchers will be good for one complimentary green fee for the person paying the player short.  These vouchers will be good Monday - Thursday, NO HOLIDAYS and are good only at Pine Meadow Golf Club. 




  1. Permanent Tee Time groups must have a foursome in attendance a minimum of 80% of the assigned times (groups that cancel down to 2 or 3 players, will not be considered to have fulfilled this requirement).
  2. We will again in 2024, maintain a list of players who have indicated they would like to play as subs on either Saturday or Sunday, for you to contact.
  3. If the group wishes to cancel their tee time for a given week, the ENTIRE foursome must be cancelled more than 48 hours in advance.



Pine Meadow uses the following guidelines for assigning permanent times:


  1. Permanent times are assigned each year to groups who comply with KEEP PACE and attendance rules.  Permanent tee times cannot be sold or given to someone else. Pine Meadow reserves the right to move any tee time group no more than ½ hour either way from their original tee time due to pace of play or attendance issues. Open tee times always revert back to Pine Meadow.

NOTE:  For the purpose of the Permanent Tee Time program, the following are NOT included as full green fees:

1.  Gift certificates awarded to groups for maintaining PACE OF PLAY and/or attendance from prior years.

2Junior rate.

3.  PGA/LPGA subs must pay the regular rate unless arrangements have been made prior through Dennis Johnsen.

  1. Groups who KEEP PACE at a 9 minute interval or less and also comply with attendance rules can advance forward to the more desirable tee times when available.
  2. Groups who do not KEEP PACE or have poor attendance may be moved to later tee times.  Groups in later tee times who are not in compliance with the KEEP PACE and ATTENDANCE rules may lose their assigned tee times.
Those groups that have 100% KEEP PACE and 100% ATTENDANCE get the first opportunity to move to a more desirable tee time when such times become available.